The East Tennessee Healthcare Executive Affiliation (ETHEA) is excited to announce our early careerist mentorship program that begins in Q2 2019 through the end of Q1 2020.    The features of the program are:

  1. Identify at least 10 mentors from the chapter to support 1-3 early-careerist mentees.
  2. Identify up to 20 early careerists as selectees for the program.
  3. Pair Mentors and Mentees to engage in development activities that include:
    1. Book reviews: Mentor and Mentee read at least 2 selected texts based on mutual agreement and discuss the application of the key learning elements of the text to their current or future role(s).
    2. 1:1 communication and coaching/feedback sessions related to career interests, current role challenges and successes, and advice/perspective on navigating a career in health administration.
    3. Resume review and interviewing tactics.
    4. Job Shadowing (with mentor or designee coordinated by the mentor)

Mentors and Mentees will complete a quarterly and end of year progress assessment that identifies and rates the mentoring experience from both perspectives (see below).  This assessment is submitted to the ETHEA Mentoring Program Executive Committee at the end of each quarter in accordance with the following schedule.

  1. July for Q2
  2. October for Q3
  3. January for Q4
  4. April for Q1 and end of term assessment.

ETHEA executive committee will review the assessments throughout the term of the mentor/mentee engagement and provide course correction if/as needed.   The Executive Committee will conduct during term and end of term overall progress assessment for use in learning for future programs.