Chattanooga LPC

Chattanooga ACHE Local Program Council (LPC) Officers

Joseph Winick, FACHE

Chattanooga LPC Chair

Erlanger Health System


Chattanooga LPC Committee:

Tanner Goodrich, FACHE

Erlanger Health System


Wynne Brady

Erlanger Health System


James Deraney

Erlanger Health System


Tony Dotson

Erlanger Health System


Dianna Leun

Erlanger Health System


Sondra McGinnis

Erlanger Health System


Richard Mathis

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee


Lara Sanders

Erlanger Health System


Donna Taylor

Erlanger Health System


History regarding the establishment of the L.P.C.

Chattanooga is located approximately two hours away from Knoxville,TN, the home of ETHEA. It was difficult for healthcare executives to travel this distance for a two hour meeting. Therefore, to maintain education of our local healthcare executives, keep the these interested individuals informed of ACHE events, and provide a networking forum, a local program council was formed.

Mr. Robert Main, CEO of Siskin Hospital and Ms. Ruth Brinkley, CEO of Memorial Health Care System were instrumental in getting the program council idea started within the Chattanooga Area Hospital District.


Timeline of Chattanooga L.P.C. Evolution To-Date

I. September 2005 – A small, core committee met to discuss developing the council with Mr. Gerard Berish, regional director ACHE.

II. December 2005 – Core committee met again, this time with ETHEA to discuss establishment of Chattanooga L.P.C.

III. February 2006 – Selection of Chattanooga L.P.C. Officers

IV. March – May 2006 – Monthly meetings of LPC committee to complete tasks and prepare for first meeting

V. June 2006 – First Fall meeting scheduled for November 9, 2006 5:00pm-6:30pm at Siskin Hospital. Panel Discussion Topic: Medical Staff Relations

VI. July 2006 – Paper work submitted to A.C.H.E. for first L.P.C. meeting